The American Pit Bull Terrier - An Icon Not Forgotten

American Pit Bull Terrier WWI Poster

During World War I this poster was used to generate pride in our country and its roll in the war. Throughout the history of American the American Pit Bull Terrier has been there. Sometimes used to "fluff our chest" with pride. Mostly though, they quietly earned the respect of the middle class, the poor, and the rich.

Used in World War II the breed served our nations fighting men honorable and with courage. Here at home they served as farm dogs, stock dogs, family pets, and earned the infamous title of "nanny dog."

Today the breed is surrounded by ridiculous myths, feared by people (for no reason really), and is exploited by the media in order to turn your attention to their media outlets.

Media stories about "pit bull attacks" and organizations out to help cities ban the breed from their areas are on the rise. Ironically, "attacks" are not on the rise. The coverage news organizations give these events is alarming.

American Pit Bull Terriers, as far as this site is concerned, are the greatest breed of dog ever created. Courage, pride, never quitting, these dogs are more than just dogs. They are an icon that will not be forgotton.

The icon of the past is not gone. Maybe lying next to you as you read this right now. With the help of owners and fanciers the breed will once again achieve the status they once had.

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Enjoy the site and here's to restoring the American Pit Bull Terrier back to a symbol of pride, courage and hope.